BANNED FROM CHINESE Srt BUFFET FOR SHITTING IN THE SEAWEED SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE SICKENER Drunk Janice shat in busy restaurant Gran 52 had drunk TWO bottles of vodka GRAN Janice O'Dowd has been By NICK APPLEYARD banned from an all-you-can-eat Chinese for CRAPPING in a tray of crispy seaweed Onlookers gasped and some vomited 52-year-old climbed onto a chair pulled down her splattered her mess savoury treat The apparently in protest at being asked to leave after she put a eigarette out in another diner's drink ODowd who was at the north Manchester restaurant for her daughter Steph's hen party had been drinking all day before the incident at 10pm last Saturday When Sunday Sport approached ruddy-faced ODowd at her home in Oldham Gtr Manchester she told our man Yes I was drunk and yes I did a shit on the buffet I'd necked two bottles of ing vodka so what do you eing expect? They shouldn't have told me to leave just for putting a tab out in some e nick@sundaysportcouk ALL DAY DMER ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET £899 EVERY drink They started it Sue Harris was at the buffet with her family to celebrate her 40th birthday and witnessed ODowd's dirty DAY when drunken the demonstration first hand tights and onto the She said I was stood next to the woman when she grabbed a chair and climbed onto it disgusting gesture was Amusement drunk and She swigging from a vodka bottle and I thought at finst she was just mooning her backside for the amusement of her friends But then she strained and a mass of loose stool gushed onto the crispy seaweed She was cackling at someone about a cigarette I was physically sick on the spot The restaurant's owner Raymond Ng 60 says it was the worst thing he's ever seen in 40 years of catering for pisshead Brits was He recalled We had to close for the night and refund everyone apart from the disgusting group of pissed women They vomiting and in one dirty bastard's case shitting I would have called the police but I employ illegal immigrants so I thought best not Er don't print that will you? PLOP SUEY Eaterie where dirty protest took place swearing smoking were Britain Meme

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