batmansymbol look i'm not saying that i often confuse Jack Kerouac's On the Road and Cormac McCarthy's The Road all i'm saying is that everyone would be saved a lot of trouble if there were just one book called On the Road by Cormack McKerouac batmansymbol #you wanna talk confusing books #i thought invisible man by ralph ellison #which is an incredible book about racism btw #was THE invisible man by hg wells #which is about a literally invisible man x well okay but are you sure you weren't reading The Invisible Man by H Gralph Wellison bc uglyasanalibi okay but how about the time some guy in my Mythology class read The Metamorphosis by Kafka a short story about a guy who turns into a bug instead of The Metamorphoses by Ovid an ancient narrative poem combining Greek and Roman myths batmansymbol the metamorphosises by kovkid Meme

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