BBQ PITMASTERS SEASON FINALE icould care less about my beauty ijust want my pizža Pa ea 43 ALL NEW Lexusis avorite thinooei PREM sometimes i wish iweren t famous and i was just a fish It make ie hap py when t LL NEW ommy cn но L C When claudia grows upshe wants to own a lot of tacobells my mom tells me if i eat too much ill be fat ireallydont see the problem with that EXTREME COUPONING SEASON PREMIERE i'm happy i won but i'm more happy for the McDonaldsl'get VIVI-ANNE my mom said she would buy me tacos idon teven like dancingimjust here because 0 ALL NEW sometimes when people are rude to me ipray theyiget run over lbvahuge tuck INK TH I'm cute! EXTREME COUPONING SEASON PREMIERE NEXT WEDNESDAY 109c mom you re making me look like a whore TLC ART mom why do have to tan? Um alreaayblac hotcommunist whyyoustabbedme FREE THEM I say this without a shred of irony pageant moms are abusive monsters Meme

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