Be born the wrong gender for your family's circumstances -Get the Triple McShit kicked out of you over eight adaptations trying to do the right thing -Have your characterization be repeatedly reduced to hair and eye color -be greeted by the hero's other allies with indifference or outright hostility for absolutely fuckall reason despite the fact that the hero would be utterly up a creek without your support -lose your very identity to further the hero”'s story -Lose friends and family helping the hero save the world from the ultimate evil -Be repeatedlv hit with character assassination because your writercreator wants to fap to the hero a bit more -Have your writercreator rather the one vou love end up with someone else Survive your writercreator's attempts t<o utterly ruin all that you are -Win the heart of the one you love despite your creator's wishes -Live to the end of the conflict and beyond raising a happy family with vour y -Pic love interest -Be Ron Weasle unrelated Dany if that ginger twat can do it SO CAN YOU I can’t format Meme

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