beachdeath the most #UselessLesbian thing i have ever done was when i was trying to figure out if this girl liked me or not just constantly arguing with myself about it and after a couple uh months of this i was like god i wish i could just like go to court and lay out all this evidence and have a couple lawyers argue over the TRUE MEANING of her text messages and thena judge tells me if she likes me or not and then the proverbial lightbulb went off over my proverbial head and i dug into my mock trial folder from high school and found the trial guidelines and i wrote out an entire trial transcript featuring a plaintiff me my attorney my wildest hopes and dreams a defense attorney my worst fears and insecurities and a judge my desperate attempt at rationality the final product was several thousand words long it clarified nothing at any point in this process did it occur to me to ask her how she felt about me? absolutely not did i ever stop and think hey maybe i should tell her that i like her? absolutely not that's for people who take risks and i don't take risks i take myself to court in my own head mugwomps I'm sorry you put you thru this but I can't help laughing Meme

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