Beatris Flores @baetrissss l am SCREAMINGGGGGGGGG Jeremy is NOT THE FUCKIN ONE LMAO DEER SANA i AM RiNG ONI RECEE VED ASKED FO SENSE TERENM Dear Jeremy I'm sorry you are disappointed with your presents You asked for two very expensive presents and Santa can only do so much You need learm to be grateful for what you have not upset about what you don't If you continue to complain I will have no choice but to add you to the naughty list next year DEER FAHy -A ME DEREM SIAVES Dear Jeremy You are being a very bad little boy Because you cannot be happy with what you have I have talked to your parents and told them to take away your Wii U Now you have nothing Once you learn to be grateful perhaps you can have it back I am very disappointed in you Jeremy You will need to be an extra good boy this year if you want to make it back on the nice list DEER SANt A CoOKys EXt EAR BECAUSE JEREM fullygloriouschaos curlyfrishepard weavemama weavemama KIDS ARE SO RUTHLESS “You look slow and easy to kill” Jeremy didn’t come to play Jeremy Aries Taurus Gemini Scorpio Sagittarius AquariusSanta Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Pisces Capricorn Meme

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