beautyandthepriest concept instead of hedwig Harry goes into the pet store and this little snake in the back of the store talks to him obviously gets his attention more than the other animals and harry feels sorry for it so he takes it home Then the snake helps Harry throughout his years at hogwarts as harry carries it wrapped around his hand all like pssssst haaarryyy the dark lord isss coming sss or just petty shit like haaaarrryy now is the time assskkk out cho chaaannngg A hogwartsaheadcanon The snake getting really agitated in second year and Harry like Aw what's wrong little friend? And snake's like Nah don't worry it's cool it's just that big fuck-off snake in the pipes that keeps making you think you're hearing things- it's like ten thousand foot long and I'm a corn snake so you know Bit intimidating analyticalsenshi Third year he eats Scabbers and saves them all a lot of time nomzoms edwi my hand slipped Meme

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