bedussey I just learned that there's a man who shops at trader joes in Seattle and buys things in bulk and then transports them up to Vancouver to his own store called pirate joes because there are no trader joes in Canada He's gotten banned at some trader joes because of this and sometimes has to put on disguises to shop and he even hires people to go shopping for him and it's like a secret mission He even has a van that says grocers without borders and trader joes has sued him and lost My favorite part of this is that this whole situation could be easily fixed by trader joes opening a store in Vancouver and hiring him sarcasticfina Pirate Joe's wwwpiratejoesca ▼ We are an unauthorized unaffiliated x products in Canada Location Legal & Press Shop Online Soon! reseller of Trader Joe's Source bedussey A man created a business by reselling Trader Joe products Meme

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