everything @One Dream Only expecting to send her child toget an education & be safe at school instead Someone has to tell her mom that her babygirls gone ra 42116 1102 AM olo VIEW TWEET ACTIVITY BACK BREAKING Student dies after being assaulted NEWIE inside DeL chool TOP STORILS Student dies after being assaulted inside high school in Wilmington Del WILMINGTON Del 4211011103 EDT The mayor of Wilmington Delaware ha confirmed to Action News that a student has died after beinaassaulter lifesaver 1549 81% ooooo Sprint MOST RECENT #RIPAMY bbymegs FOLLOW 20 likes ohirdc I don't know the girl but the fact that she was only 15 and she died over a boy The fact that a girl and her friends literally planned to jump her at 8 o'clock in the morning the fact that she had 6 other girls help her beat Amy up and She was stabbed beat and died because of a boy This shit isn't okay and the fact that the beef was taken to THAT level is so sad The way Amy died was not humane Prayers to her family boyfriend and friends The girls who were responsible deserve whatever is coming for them Man y all girls got ya priorities fucked all the way up smh 29 likes bby megs This shit is so fucking fucked up Bruh pray for our generation man smh tripamy View all 6 comments A a O Why are people like this? this is so so so messed up 😪 RIPAmy Meme

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