BEERHOLDER Strewth! The stench of stale ale wafts from the depths chipped pint glasses clink sadly together and a single glazed rheumy eye illuminates the darkness Relax it just wants to be your friend No wait it definitely wants to kill you Nope! It just wants someone to listen to its' long boring go-nowhere story! Actually it just wants to borrow a couple of bucks And then murder you You're definitely in the presence of a beerholder my friend Tough tits! BEERHOLDER Large floating sack of shit chaotic evid Armor Class 14 Hit Points 70 11768 7 Speed O ft Sy 20 ft hover STR DEX CON INT wiS CHA 10 0 14216 3 10 0 13 1 3+1 Saving Throws Damage Resistances Appearance Decades of neglect self abuse and bad decision-making means that this creature is easily mistaken for a giant hovering sack of shit It smells like your Uncle Mick Condition Immunities Arrogance The beerholder's constant alcohol intake fills it with bravado and it will constantly spin bullshit about its abilities and achievements often loudly and in the third person But rest assured it's a lazy prick and mostly hovers around being useless Beerholders often bully smaller even crappier creatures into doing their bidding which mostly involves fetching beer and finding cigarettes Senses Languages Challenge Cellar Dweller Beerholders are drawn to places with high concentrations of alcohol so they can often be found in cellars breweries or out the back of pubs They do not like crowds however so you'll rarely see them at a party or festival Ifthey run out of booze they will lie despondent on the nearest couch where they will piss and moan until you bring them some The Pool Room A beerholder dwelling often has a special cavernous room filled with nooks crannies and pools of unidentified liquid This is referred to as The Pool Room The beerholder likes to collect all sorts of trophies and trinkets like dart boards and clockwork cigarette machincs that it may proudly display in its Pool Room Also They re not that tough so dont put up with too much shit from them ACTIONS Meme

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