Before I went inside I went to the Estates graveyard was reserved for people whove impacted and helped This place that a normal the business in could never do ways goon I walked to one of the graves at the far edge of uP cemetary where all the fresh ones were dug I sat next to him I sat next to Old-man HEY HOW YOU DOIN STILL DEAD? OKAY RIPS MONTANA W-1983 RIP OLD-MAN 1957-2019 They found his body a couple of days after the raid His enough to bury I wasn't able to attend the funeral 'cause Alex sent me to do a drug deal head was gone dut it was It wasn't fair He wouldn't even let me go to his damn funeral! I GOD DAMN WATCHED HIM DIE! Sometimes I feel like there was something I could've done to save him I wish he was here to help me figure this stuff out 46 Greg and The Mafia page 46 Meme

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