BEHIND HER MUSIC So you want to build a teen pop star? In Aguilera's case it started with talent But these promotional steps didn't hu DISNEY First came the New Mickey Mouse Club That led to a song ina Disney movie Next month she appears the new Disney Cha 2 Hour Tour VIRTUAL FANS An Internet-marketi firm hired fans online to spread the word about her mus cyberspace The h helped her debut a No1 on the charts DOUBLE AKE She re-recorded Genie in a Bottle in Spanish and the video gets heavy play on Spanish-language channels Now she's redoing the whole CD CHRISTINA AGUILERA BUILDING A 21ST CENTURY STAR phonesignal dar-a y2kaestheticinstitute ‘Christina Aguilera Building a 21st Century Star’ TIME Magazine - March 2000 screaming @ “an internet marketing firm hired fans online to spread the word” i wanna get hired to spread the word about shitty music Meme

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