Bell 1233 AM 1996 O Galactic Federation of Light 3 hrs VACCINESFLU SHOTS VS STARCHILDREN If you have a baby would you give himher vaccines knowing that that baby could be one of the many STARCHILDREN born here with a gift to save humanity??? Important STARCHILDREN cannot stand vaccines and ofteneasily become autistic or develop some kind of physical disability quickly after vaccinated On rare cases the STARCHILDREN SOULS will quickly exit the body resulting in dead barbies just a few days or weeks after getting vaccines Because of their much higher frequencies STARCHILDREN SOULS despise low frequencies stuffs like vaccines-filled with toxins low frequency food like canned foodprocessed food or low frequency places like slaughterhouse butchery or cemeteries Vaccines are intentionally designed to slow down PLANETARY ASCENSION by blocking the next waves of STARCHILDREN from being born and growing up as they intended Nevertheless the Starchildren souls will find other parents to incarnate because they are DETERMINED TO BE HERE TO ASCEND MOTHER EARTH Write a comment GIF Oo Meme

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