bemusedlybespectacled if your fictional discrimination is predicated on the marginalized community doing something to deserve its marginalization you automatically fail any commentary on or application of your story to real-life oppression The Xingbarts started a war with us and now we Gurbits all hate them! FAIL Nurts are a legitimate powerful threat if they aren't denied basic rights! FAIL In the past the Snorfals were our oppressors so now we oppress them! FAIL oppressors will certainly use any means at their disposal including logic science religion history and philosophy - to justify oppression women are just physically incapable of learning that's why we can't let them attend university! black people are divinely ordained by God to be our slaves! the jews control all the banks that's why we have to kill them! but it's never real! it's never actually valid! the whole point of oppression is that it's completely arbitrary! there is no reason no matter how hard you try! if you try to inject grey areas by making your fictional discrimination justified you have fundamentally failed to understand how it works in real life of course that doesn't mean you can't have grey areas in your writing there's all sorts of actual grey areas in real life you can draw on intracommunity issues different ways the oppression is applied to different groups internalized oppression different philosophies within the group on the way to combat it but none of those are well actually oppression makes sense because reasons! heraldofandraste Some wise words 339 notes Meme

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