BENJAMIN FRANKLIN THOMAS JEFFERSON RICHARD HENRY LEE ANDIGEORGE MASON Adamantly supported including Term Limits on Congress in the US Constitution! Term Limits for US Congress THEY FEARED WITHOUT TERM erm LIMITS THE GOVERNMENT WOULD EVOLVE INTO AN ARISTOCRATIC OLIGARCHY! Pga THEY WERE RIGHT US CONGRESS 382 MILLIONAIRES 165 BETWEEN 65 & 87 YRS OLD 106 IN CONGRESS OVER 20 YRS Join Us!!! All the links you need are below!! I am 1 of 100's of volunteer Americans working on an Amendment to pass Term Limits For US Congress I think you will agree it is time to make the United States Congress begin to serve We the People again This is a nonpartisan grassroots movement that will use the 2nd half of Article 5 of the Constitution to make Term Limits For US Congress a reality If you would like some more information on this project or how you can help accomplish the goal of getting this referendum in front of all 50 State Legislatures please click on this link to the National Page Thank You! httptermlimitsforuscongresscomindexhtml After you look over the information at the above link I am sure you will want to sign the petition don't forget your better half!! here is the site to do so with ease!!! wwwtermlimitsforuscongresscome-petitionhtml Some more information on how you can help to Drain The Swamp by making Term Limits for US Congress a reality by 2020 Its Time for Term Limits httpswwwfacebookcomTermLimitsforUSCongressvideos1079526232069458 After you watch this video here are 2 steps you can take to make this a reality!! 1 If you're ready to get involved and help take the next step! Here's a listing of the state pages! I challenge you to go to your state page and let them know you want to fill a petition 12 signatures It is easy just ask your friends relatives and neighbors httpswwwfacebookcomnotesterm-limits-for-us-congressstate-leaders-and-state-facebook-pages783469188341832 2 Or if you want to go “Lone Wolf” download the Petition Form and the Petition Guide with FAQ here wwwtermlimitsforuscongresscomhard-copy-petitionhtml Meme

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