BENJAMIN FRANKLIN THOMAS JEFFERSON RICHARD HENRY LEE & GEORGE MASON toru Term Limits 를 for FEARED WITHOUT TERM LIMITS US Congress ON CONGRESS IT WOULD EVOLVEonem INTO THE ARISTOCRATIC OLIGARCHY THEY HAD FOUGHT AGAINST FOR OURİEREEDOM! THEY WERE RIGHT Even back during the creation of the Constitution there were brilliant forefathers such as these that recognized the potential for corruption and the need for term limits to stop the development of powerful and wealthy political families from becoming a ruling class in our nation! They were right and we're there! Now you have to be rich to run for Congress and once in if you do what the parties and lobbyists tell you to do you can stay for life! With the 2nd option of Article 5 we can add an amendment to the Constitution imposing term limits on Congress and we DON'T need Congress's approval! Get involved! Sign the petition! Download a petition and have your friends and family sign it Donate a couple of bucks Just do something anything to help make this happen! wwwtermlimitsforuscongresscom Meme

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