BENJAMIN FRANKLIN THOMAS JEFFERSON RICHARD HENRY LEE & GEORGE MASON toru Term Limits 를 for FEARED WITHOUT TERM LIMITS US Congress ON CONGRESS IT WOULD EVOLVEonem INTO THE ARISTOCRATIC OLIGARCHY THEY HAD FOUGHT AGAINST FOR OURİEREEDOM! THEY WERE RIGHT Here's something many don't know A number of the most brilliant forefathers WANTED to put Term Limits in the Constitution Why didn't they? Because so many others couldn't IMAGINE anyone wanting to stay in Congress because it was such a hardship They had to leave their families their jobs and their lives to serve their country They couldn't wait to get back home NOW it's a career where sociopaths flock to become powerful & rich on the back of the taxpayers and from the pockets of the lobbyists We're going to change that Time for you to get involved and help us make this happen Sign the petition Download a copy to get your friends & family to sign PItch in a few bucks because running a national campaign like this is expensive wwwtermlimitsforuscongresscom Meme

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