Benjamin Molineaux @benmolineaux Kids today you mean the save' button represents some kind of physical storage disk? OMG Me today you mean 'upper case' and 'lower case' refer to the physical cases where printers kept their letters? OMG Upper Case ib @% % 2 Em E& ECE BCDEFG L MINO PQR TVW X Y Z fA 4 5 6 718 e b n m En Em y p w QdOds JEm t Space Quads Lower Case 315 Pair of printer's cases drawn by Rudolph Rižicka for DB Updike's Printing Types 1924 13 Sep 19 Twitter Web App Marc Verstaen @verstaen Replying to @benmolineaux and @GlennF It has French roots Case means box in old French Upper boxes lower boxes Bas de case haut de case 1226 14 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone Starburst vacuum @miopapio 4d Replying to @benmolineaux and @MaryRobinette now i only need to understand where the words type and font come from and i'm done 1 21 Don Mackie @mackie_don 4d Font has a common root with found as in foundry Type cast from molten metal Having seen them in action Linotype machines are among my favourite bits of machinery A giant typewriter with a furnace and crucible of molten lead at the back There's a romance here Y PETHE FIL M GIF Li 15 6 204 Jason Thorpe @thorpej 3d Font designers are still called foundries 1 28 3d Mary Robinette Kowal@ Jaw drops 11 pfarq @pfarqeu 1d Also leading isn't the amount of space that leads the type it is the size of the lead metal strips used to create said space 1 Henningham Family Press Replying to @benmolineaux and @MargotAtwell 4d Point sizes are seemingly random between typefaces because they refer to the piece of lead the type was on which you can no longer see 15 1 Katrina@KatrinaTransfem 4d There are 72 points in an inch and the point size refers to the total height of the character set 2i 1 2 24 Margot Atwell @MargotAt 4d Wow I never realized this I love type history! 1 2 Moon-faced Assassin4 Replying to @benmolineaux and @Kilalalaa Also in a printing press putting a bunch of common words or phrases together is accomplished by mounting them in a single plate of text called a Stereotype And the sound it makes when it's pressed to the page is cliche Swear to god enwikipediaorgwikiClich%C3% ti 40 125 drst arrghigiveup TiL click to go to the thread which probably has more interesting tidbits I missed Bonus These are my people Meme

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