bennydictcabbagepat- back-tod January 28th 2015 111737 am a few seconds ago Sourceeyress rei-matsuoka akie-sensei tland-graveyard eyress CHALLENGE YOU TO A BATTLE OF WITS The game is this I set up five pairs of identical looking shots pineapple juice or lemon juice sugar tea or apple cider vinegar flat coke or soy sauce water or distilled white vinegar and tomato juice or Tabasco sauce I challenge a player in the circle to a color They pick one and I take the other with our best poker faces Other players have to guess who got what It's like the Princess BrideA Study in Pink but no one gets poisoned! This is genius I'll just play that because there is Tabasco sauce dont remind me of such horrors 276474 notes I too like to live dangerously Meme

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