BETA MALE MEME KING 2k16 Edition Odd shaped bald head *nods respectfully towards you Sends emojis and pusheen stickers unironically Problem glasses so you know how Thinks impact font non-threatening and memes ayy lmao and enlightened he is spooky skeletons are the cutting edge of memes Thirsts for all thots Three Words Baldness compensation goatee Storied history of trying Nah dude It's badass i to befriend everyone look like Heisenberg and then mistreating them when he does Whiteknights for Lashes out when attention whores confronted about his because e-pussy behavior because of is his only pussy obvious insecurity Bernie Supporter False sense of because it gives him superiority to disguise a way to chat up comically low highschool girls testosterone Even over a year later this meme is still so true Meme

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