BETA OF THE HOUSE - desperately needs everyone's approval - I'll keep all my emotions right here then I'll die -apologises for everything I LOVE MY WIFE! - very defensive - cares about like 3 people but GROSS SAVAGE DAD - we have food at home - compares people to Nazis just - midlife crisis - aways damp - not free Saturday how about 6 weeks from now on Tuesday at 9 would kill for themm to win arguments - feminist as fuck coffee black no sugar JJ BITTENBINDER -loves to throw people off their rhythm STRE ET SMARTS - chaotic neutral KID GORGEOUS LIT MAJOR HORSE IN THE HOSPITAL - sorry for getting political likes David Bowie and doesn't afraid to get a flu shot -doesn't go to class 60yr old man trapped in a 7yr the biggest stoner but you old's body wouldn't know it understand taxes looks like a Victorian girl ina-best jokes in the group chat bad at paying attention to life nightgowtn morsconettim definitely beta of the house Meme

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