Bethesda 2006-2011 Starter pack A Talk Hroa oll ou're the beg m going to fellow o and wale al round gou Let' aol Characters that look like melted Invincible clone children plastic We won't go quietly the legion can count on that Ave True to Caesar I used to be an adventurer like you then I took an arrow to the knee! What's the matter somebody stole your sweet role? Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter hey asked me how we'll I understood theoretical physics I aid I had a theoretical degree in physics They said elcome aboard Todd was still God Speech 100% You've already lost General Don't throw away your dignity Too Much Bugs It's over Jingwei Surrender and lay down your arms I'm going to kill you SO MUCH Hilarious dialogue Emerson Brooks General Lee Oliver Major Polatli Andy10 of SpadesJean-Baptiste Cutting McMurphyEddieSammy WinsTyrone Bryce Anders Shari Elliker Sergeant McCredieLieutenant Monroe Doctor Alex RichardsSergeant Kilborn JulesDaniel Wyand Dermot Frank WeathersGourdPrivate Jeremy Watson Beatrice Armstrong ReillyStar Paladin Having EwersBrick Carolina Red Christie YoungCindy Cantelli Cutter Knight Captain Dusk Ellen DeLoriaHolly Scrbe Jameson Janet RockwellJanice Private ReynoldsRanger StevensTroike Boomer Chef Boomer Guard one actor n CaravaneerCrazed Chem Addict t VIC GamblerGreat Khan Gomorrah Schenzy Kimba Linda Smith Lydia Montenegro Mabel Henderson Branchtender Maple Martha Simpson nt WellinatonDefender Morgan Pat Neusbaum Silver Simone Cameron Sonora Cruz Tammy Hargrave Tanya aver he AntAgonizer Chnstoff Child Slav play 30+ Entrance Guard Goodsprings Settler Gunderson Hired HandInjured Trooper EngineerNCR Heavy Trooper NCR Military Police NCR Ranger NCR Recruit NCR Trooper NCR Trooper MP characters en North Vegas Resident Novac Settler SlaversBrotherhood of Steel Paladins Omerta Thug Outer Vegas Defender Powder Ganger ProspectorRefugee Brotherhood of Steel Knights Brotherhood of Steel Initiates Female BaidersCaravan TradersMegaton SettlersHunter voice DwellerViper Gunslinger Viper Leader Wastelander voice Bethesda 2006-2011 Starter Pack Meme

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