bi-thor scott lang completely misunderstanding peter parker's power hey if u want man we could get tiny and just like hang out i don't know if you've ever been in a lego castle but it's pretty sweet peter parker u have no idea how much physical pain having to turn this offer down is causing me but north-star-lesbian Scott Lang upon realizing Peter Parker can't shrink oh okay no biggee we'll just make the LEGO castle big magical-awesome-kid Peter ready to cry from joy do you like Star Wars? Because I have a replica and my friend Ned and I got it to fly Scott Lang a mechanical engineer and nerd kid you are my people letitrainathousandflames Tony calling peterand may I know WHY THE HELL IS SHIELD CALLING ME ABOUT A LIFE-SIZED DEATH STAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT?! Peter we didn't want it to crush any buildings so we brought it out here! Tony THATS NOTMY POINT!!! Source bi-harrington 123738 notes A Meme

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