bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 11 2018 bucky meeting peter parker a skinny kid from new york who thinks it's his job to save the whole world fuck another one t561 18K 4 bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 11 2018 steve in tfa i apologise for going against orders sir won't happen again steve in infinity war im going to do whatever the hell i want and if general ross has a problem he can go right ahead and suck my serum-enhanced ding dong t 465 15K 6 bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 11 2018 steve im gonna go after bucky sam that's a terrible idea he tried to kill us all steve you don't have to come sam we leave at 2 1 114 1 653 bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 11 2018 my favourite movie is stevebucky bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 10 2018 captain america the winter soldier is basically a movie called steve rogers bucky barnes 1 t 67 430 bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 12 2018 the death triplets steve you get hurt? hurt them back you get killed? walk it off thor it'll kill you only if i die bucky they're not planning on taking you alive that's smart good strategy ti 370 12K bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 13 2018 steve well you know what they say what doesn't kill you- bucky should've tried harder steve bucky no bucky and should fear for its life because i know you will avenge me steve sam well hes not wrong t 261 11K 1 > bicky @incorrectbucko Sep 13 2018 bucky skateboarding into his therapists office with sunglasses on and a juice box in his hand theresa you would not fucking believe what suppressed memory resurfaced last night t805 26K Meme

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