biggest-gaudiest-patronuses Happy Pride Month Eleanor Roosevelt was queer the Little Mermaid is a gay love story James Dean liked men Emily Dickinson was a lesbian Nikola Tesla was asexual Freddie Mercury was bisexual & British Indian and black trans women pioneered the gay rights movement biggest-gaudiest-patronuses Florence Nightingale was a lesbian Leonardo da Vinci was gay Michelangelo too Jane Austen liked women Hatshepsut was not cisgender and Alexander the Great was power bottom class-isnt-the-only-oppression Honestly just reblogging for that last one sp8b8 Probably not historically backed but fuck yes aphony-cree Eleanor Roosevelt wrote love letters to Lorena Hickok Love letters Hans Christian Anderson wrote to Edvard Collin contain elements that appeared in The Little Mermaid which he was writing at the same time Several people who knew James Dean have talked about his relationships with men Letters and poems allude to a romance between Emily Dickinson and at least two womeni Nikola Tesla was adverse to touch He said he fell in love with one women but never touched her and didn't want to get married Freddie Mercury is well known for his attraction to men but was also linked to several women including Barbara Valentin whom he lived with shortly before he died Friends have talked about being invited into their bed and walking in on them having sex documentary Fred die Mercury The Great Pretender Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera are two of the best-known activists who fought in Stonewall riots Florence Nightingale refused 4 marriage proposals and her letters and memoir suggest a love for women Leonardo da Vinci never married or fathered children was once brought up on sodomy charges and a sketch in one of his notebooks is 2 penises walking toward a hole labeled with the nickname of his apprentice Condivi said that Michelangelo often spoke exclusively of masculine love Jane Austin never married and wrote about sharing a bed with women Jane Austen At Home A Biography by Lucy Worsley Hatshepsut took the male title Pharaoh instead of Queen Regent and is depicted in art from the time the same way a male Pharaoh would have been Alexander was only defeated onceand that was by Hephaestion's thighs is a 2000 year old quote The second to last one is misleading I fully support trans people but thats misleading and not why she did that otherwise????????????????historys gayer than youd think #gethimtochaseyou Meme

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