biggest-gaudiest-patronuses sqooper Follow wallpatterns The other day I went to McDonald's with my family and the guy who took my order was really loud and was basically like HAPPY HOLIDAYS WHAT CAN I GET YOU and I was like wow I can't let this guy outmatch me so I yelled I'LL TAKE A HAPPY MEAL WITH THE NUG NUGS IFI MAY you know like a natural well-adjusted epitome of adulthood 19 year old and he was like CERTAINLY WOULD YOU LIKE THE MIGHTY KIDS MEALINSTEAD WITH EXTRA FRIES and I was so sleep deprivedI essentially blacked out and apparently leaned over the counter like I was robbing the place raised my eyebrow like a suave robin hood and said HECK YES I WOULD GOOD SIR and then I sat down and he yelled from across the store WOULD YOU LIKE THE PURPLE OR BLUE SPIDER MAN and since purple is the more superior color that's how I answered and long story short my parents think college changed me and that I'm now the poster child for being social and I've only been asked once why I'm not in a relationship yet but I know it's gonna be brought up again and how do i tell my parents it's because whenever eat in the dining hall spend the entire time playing bumper cars with the wheeley chairs and all I eat is pixie sticks and the last time I was in the library where I'm supposed to work next semester deAr GoD I ripped my leggings in the bathroom pulling up my pants and I walked the entire 20 mins back to my dorm with my neon underwear peeking out from the holes like a 17th century harlot with a cocaine addiction and I've essentially been living off jars of peanut butter and the soundtrack to the bee movie for the past year sqooper there's more information in this post than there was in the library of alexandria advice-animal College changes you… Meme

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