birdrhetorics my great-grandfather had to leave italy in the 20's because he hit a fascist with a tuba so if you think I am going to take this sitting down you are going to have to catch these hands and also this tuba pidgevspigeon Fun story my Great Great Grandma left Germany in the 1920s because she had family in the US and could get citizenship pretty easily and once she was over in the US she then smuggled over 15 jewish families out by forging family documents so now my aunts are currently in the process of trying to tell the real ones from the fake ones because my great gran just died and there are legally over 100 surviving descendants but we know that math is a lil screwv jedda-martele Sometimes a family is you your kids your grandkids your great grandkids and the 15 Jewish families you helped smuggle out of Nazi Germany When Grandma is a hero Meme

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