bisculley fuckosexual Follow trickthekick I'm just going to watch Shrek in my head As a little kid I was SOOOOOO damn obsessed with Shrek I mean the kind of obsessed where I'd watch it over and over again days in a row It was all I ever wanted to watch It got to the point where I had memorised it word-for-word and beat- for-beat This meant that somehow I could watch it in my head-timed perfectly No fast forwarding no skipping Now this was fine for car trips and such because my dad would be like Hey do you want some colouring-in to do? And id be like Nah I'm going to watch Shrek in my head Ocassionally my dad would ask where l was up to in the movie-just to check on me Youre probably thinking Huh that's weird but cool I quess? Wrong Sort of It got so bad that l'd watch it in my head at night before I went to sleep My dad would literally check on me at night notice I was blankly staring up at the ceiling and have to yell Stop watching Shrek and go to sleep! I cant remember how this faded from being one of my abilities but it sure was cool while it lasted But for a while Shrek really WAS my that-one-hunters-wife OP this is terrifying #sikdiskldiksidkskdiksbs 89345 notes > O o Meme

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