bisexualnoodle5: airyairyaucontraire: yay855: residentevil-fandomhazard: princesstigerbelle: I love how he kisses the kitten towards the end All kittens are born feral, but you can see the exact moment ahead realized how good kisses are 💜💜💜 Mother cats will often groom their babies to calm them down and help them feel loved; by kissing this kitten, that man is establishing himself as a mother figure to it. He’s literally saying “I’m gonna be your momma now” in a language it understands, and it responds with love. Honestly it helps that he has a beard, I have a theory based on observation of cats with bearded persons that the feeling of stiff beard hair brushing the cat’s fur is sufficiently reminiscent of the feeling of Mother Cat’s rough tongue grooming a kitten’s fur that they are suckers for that business. Beardos, rub your face on a cat today and repeat back, please. “DON’T TOUCH ME DON’T TOUCH ME” *kiss* “oh that’s actually kinda nice”