BLACK 1 I re OUTBREAK Shanta Pablc When communications to the New Candor division of Genotech are cut the biotech firm is forced to investigate Captain Kara Piers and her hand-picked team who form Genotech's Emergency Response Team are sent in to gather intel When they arrive there is no evidence of foul play but something is desperately wrong One by one they discover grisly creatures roaming the building creatures they cannot explain civilians they cannot save With a storm approaching communications out and doors that seem to open on their own they are forced to dig into Genotech's restricted files In the depths of Lab 3 they discover secrets they wish they had never learned The threat of a viral outbreak looms ahead as they encounter horrors around every corner They must find a way to save the citizens of New Candor City Separated Fighting for every step What happens when their time runs out? With compelling characters set against dire circumstances Black Virus Outbreak will catch the reader's attention and not let go Stephen Carignan Author of The Sleeping Man' CAN $1495 USA $1365 ISBN 978-0-9952641-0-b 6 1495 9 780995 264106 CLACK VIRUS Shanta Pablo BLACK v elevator so we're o slow Okay? N m but Dean had run two missions in the yhere he had dealt with their weapons missions were exactly what put him on Captain's radar if he was to really think ick node roda ya opened a video file on the big screen and shocked to see a man behind a glass staring blankly out into the hallway ut it What the hell wereth SCrolle were They to report back from Lab3 doors to the Anna They were urrently waiting n d hi bunker adgod don't tell me that's what I think it is? n asked feeling a mild trickle of horror seep his back cold and unnerving Divya answer she just let the video play out At I don't think we could unde the man just stood there watching the thought if we tried to Deantw es on the other side of the wall They somber n't moving at all As soon as one of the opened From what Dean tists started to make his way forward the ed man came to life The two watched on sgust as the man behind the glass tried to called the Black Virus ite his way through the barrier to get to the Black Dean had heard aw le in front of him The glass became marred before he was consideni spots of blood and Dean minds of BioFirm Ce Warfare Division Not may 127 team-carryon-my-free-willed-sons So after a couple years of hard work and effort my first book is available in paperback! I’m so excited! You can get a copy on Amazon at Books-a-million at Chapters or any other major bookstore! Now on to Book Two! Meme

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