Black-and in KKK By BILL HART Staff Writer Calgarian Louis Proctor has decided to battle bigotry -by becoming the first black in the world to join the Ku Klux Klan I figure if we can get all the Jews walting to join They're waiting for and biacks to join the Klaa we can the feedback to see what happens to put a stop to the racial treuble in me Canada says Proctor a construc Den worker Maybe 1 can prove to ether people a'Phearsoin but expects he'l be bhy joining the KKK that we can stop weleomed with open arms the radical groeps he says The Klan he's Joining isn't the exelted by the idea of having the blgoted riot-aparking Kian ef world's tirst black Klan member America's Deep South says Proctor 40 of 2 Ave SE The troublema kers who now they aay it has to start in Casada promote violeace are aetually first neo-Nazls operating under 1the name and robeaof the KKK he Proctor said But I deon't want any charged Proctor grew up in Calgary thinking the Klan was a white Klan-tll eome from the Nazis Supremacist group But he changed his mind six months ago after seeing as a Klansman in the next lew weeks Alberta KKK leader Tearlach Mac His white satin robe is coming from Phearsola on a teievision taik show the US-an extra large size 52 Now I have a chance to prove the Klan of old is no mare Proctor said being in the Klan Proctor admitted A lot of black frieads of mine are Proctor said he hasn't met any of Calgary's Klansmen ether than Mac Mae a Phearsoin says he's He said most true Klansmen In the Unlted Stales taver integration but 'm no seared for myself negative feedback on my folks there Is trouble it won't be the Proctor will be offleially sworn lo expect to get some Insults about Bet I'l jast stand up tor myself We are the real KKK White people culture volture Its ok we let you be KKK and copy our swag again Meme

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