blackqueerblog Katie Rife Re PET SEMATARY I just keep thinking about whose job it was on set every day to dirty up the cat Like oh yeah I have to go in early tomorrow I have to rub some Vaseline and coffee grounds on this cat PET SE Chavi Omg this cat is an ACTOR!!! Look at the difference in their eyes!!! Why does this make me so happy??? Katie Rife PET SEMATARY juat keep thinking about whese job it was on set every day to dirty up the cat Lae oh yeah I 239 PM-4 Apr 2019 3206Rt y'all smell this talent orphanpupok multiple cats played the role of church in the film actually! here's leo getting a touch up JD getting his brows done and Tonic relaxin between takes! ohnoagremlin apparently each of them has a special focus like run purposefully jump at targets or hiss on command they're so talented bjork-borlk HEY HAVE Meme

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