BLACKS BEFORE ILLEGALS Is a racist statement according to trashy fugly Treva B Lindsey because black men embrace the 'offensive' term illegals to describe the people that old white democrats and Xatin democrats want to replace them with KNOW YOUR PLACE! VexBy Treva B Lindsey FUTURE PERFECT EXPLAINERS THE GOODS MORE▼ Trump wants to pit black Americans against illegals Don't fall for it African-American men to immigration They even embrace the offensive term illegals for undocumented immigrants Black men KNOW YOUR PLACE! Treva B Lindsey Vox THE FUTURE IS FEMALE! WOMYN! Unrelated but another trashy cunt Kamala Harris was more blatant with her anti-black-male actions incarcerating THOUSANDS of them which otherwise would have been given probation BLACK MEN SHOULD KNOW THEIR PLACE Meme

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