Blind and deaf - he'll walk thru the yard up the steps across the deck and thru the open door It almost seems like he counts his steps and uses the transitions along with smell to get him to where he needs to be @DrSmashlove Some of us are born lacking certain gifts but then the other gifts are stronger and able to compensate This is evidence of a Gracious God creating and maintaining the universe with balance if we reflect on it! To my atheist fam who follow me thank u for bearing with me when I go into reflection mode - these videos affect me spiritually and I know you don’t share the same views but I love and respect y’all and wish for mutual understanding and love We are humans and we communicate and we can overcome differences May God give the world harmony and love and eliminate hatred and warfare and vicious Facebook arguments - y’all need to chill - delete ya Facebook if u have to it ain’t worth a fist fight with ya uncle next thanksgiving fam 😂 - Bless up! ❤️ Slide 1 reddit u-Yachats123 Slide 2 reddit u-sumit316 Slide 3 reddit u-WhatTheF*ckKanye Last slide reddit u-Rybar1 Meme

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