Blind woman told to get off bus 'because guide dogs can't be black' Kate Buck Thursday 10 Jan 2019 146 pm 78k SHARES A blind woman was told to 'get her f*****g dog off a bus' by a passenger who didn't believe guide dogs could be any other colour than 'yellow Megan Taylor 22 was on the bus with her guide dog Rowley when the unnamed woman approached her and said Why is there a f*****g dog on the bus? Get it off But when Megan tried to politely' explain Rowley was an assistance dog she claims the woman called her a liar because guide dogs are yellow Labradors and your dog is black 1 Megan Taylor was told to get off a bus when a woman thought guide dogs cannot be black Picture Liverpool Echo momo-de-avis doggos-with-jobs Look how sad he is We did it white people found a way to be racist with dogs Meme

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