Blizzard Entertain 748 am to me BIZZARD ENTER TAINMENT Greetings You filed a request on 2019 October 11 0048 UTC to remove personal information from the Blizzard account registered to this email This request is complete and we have removed or disassociated all personal information from your account This included your - Name contact information and security details -Payment methods and purchase history - Purchased games codes promotions and in-game items - Game licenses and all game progress - Communications with Blizzard support Any remaining Blizzard Balance To completely finish this process you must remove cookies cache data and any other temporary file on your computer that may identify you If you do not those files can still identify you to our servers Blizzard no longer has your information and we cannot restore the account to you under ANY circumstance If you would like to play Blizzard games in the future you need to create a new account at wwwblizzardcom Regards Blizzard Entertainment Stay Connected With Blizzard B Moral over pleasure Meme

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