Boardb - Random Settings Home nymous 100118Mon161309 No781265958 my absolute face right now woke up since my family kvetched about me staying up late to study >get up at 4 AM can't focus so l relax a bit pass out in chair for two hours 986 KB PNG >It's fucking 6 AM and I have 2 hours and thirty minutes to finish 60 math questions >l also need to study for goddamned geology and read shit for writing class my actual face since I've drunk an energy drink taken caffeine pills and drunk a cup of coffee >I have more energy then anyone could possibly imagine >l still give up since it's 60 fucking questions and it's just goddamned homework tbh time to study for geology >oh wait >oh fucking wait >I forgot I don't have the goddamned textbook >Shit time for planB >quickly ask a friend they give me textbook study up on latitude and longitude >l am autistic enough I genuinely can't tell the difference anymore between the two realize l haven't signed up for conferences realize I have books due and I have fines up to 70$ for a goddamned motherfucking warhammer book realize l'm forever doomed for eternal suffering tfw you spent this entire fucking weekend playing vidija and shadow of war since a friend bought it tfw your a 90 IQ brainlet who dared to presume that your professor aristocratic superiors would ever let you have the first week to relax Anonymous 100118Mon161743 No781266222 >-781 265958 OP # College isn't for you drop out before you make a complete ass of yourself brainlet >-781 266401 # Anonymous 100118Mon162052 No781266401 >-781 266222 # I never asked for this I only got in for diversity poorfag shit and Meme

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