Bob Nicholson @DigiVictorian I find myself lost not for the first time in a dictionary of Victorian slang This is still my favourite IS IS Got the morbs Soe 1880 Temporary melancholia Abstract noun coined from adjeetive morbid 2016-12-15 1006 AM dysphoric-memez the-porter-rockwell thebibliosphere thecuriousviolet breelandwalker nineprotons “Got the morbs” should be a thing Victorian slang is AMAZING and select phrases really need to make a comeback “Bitch the pot” - Pour the tea HOW RELEVANT IS THIS!? “Bang up the elephant” - Absolutely perfect super stylish “Well that’s shot the bale” - Something that has missed the mark entirely “Church-bell” - A woman prone to gossip “Chuckaboo” - A dear friend a bosom chum “Beer and skittles” - A great time see also Irish Gaelic “craic” “Butter on bacon” - Something overdone or too extravagant “Cupid’s kettle drums” - Breasts particularly large ones “Gigglemug” - A cheerful smiling face All of these??? Make me smile??? They’re so weird and wonderful I love them??? Especially bitch the pot because that’s something I could totally hear myself saying…that and chuckaboo I worked in a Victorian tea house in my youth and I’m telling you you haven’t lived till you hear a the 98 year old lady this was some 15 years ago utter the words “bitch the pot” because it was what they used to say when the tea house first opened and it just sort of stuck through all the generations i can hear these in both British accents and southern accents Old southern people use a lot of these tbh Meme

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