Bob The Bible does not specifically address the issue of life elsewhere in the universe although it does speak of angels in heaven which I suspect is outside the universe 2 Cor 122 Also Paul speaks vaguely about certain principalities and powers without really defining them Personally I have no problem with the idea of life on other worlds even including intelligent life provided we affirm two things 1 Life does not evolve from non-life It is designed by God 2 If intelligent material beings exist elsewhere in the universe God created them sinless and immortal Such beings would still be morally perfect and immortal at present like the righteous angels since God in Christ has only died for sin once They would not be the ugly aliens of sci-fi However that ancient statement of faith the Apostles' Creed speaks of the communion of saints which is God's complete family and I think it is a distinct possibility that God's family includes sinless beings on other worlds Bob the Xenotheologist Meme

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