Bobly GORYEOUS SUpPER FRIEDdly oncx he waRns up CRatE trainEd houstraind doEsnt mind Sharing loyES toys g0od during baths wH behayEd whEn homt alonE 65129-4 yEas old 65 lbs At BroOklyn ACC Waiting for LOVE TO BE KILLED - 6132019 BOBBY'S FAMILY IS MOVING and can't take Bobby with them because they are moving to a place where pets probably dogs are not allowed We can fuss all we want about how Bobby's family should have found a place where he's welcome but it didn't happen like that The most important thing right now is that Bobby was surrendered to a kill shelter and now he is out of time Bobby is a beautiful four year old dog who looks like he's been well cared for He's a homeboy whose use to his family and their space and their way of doing things so he's been terrified at the shelter He doesn't know those people and he took his commands in Spanish so Bobby's head is in a whirl right now He has lost everything but we are going to try out best to make sure Bobby doesn't lose what's truly precious and thats his life At just four years of age Bobby has a lot more life to live and loads of love to give Please help share Bobby for his second chance BOBBY@BROOKLYN ACC Hello my name is Bobby My animal id is #65129 I am a male white dog at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center The shelter thinks I am about 4 years old 65 lbs Came into shelter as owner surrender Jun 6 2019 Reason Stated MOVING - NO PETS ALLOWED Bobby is rescue only Meme

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