BORN TO BE ALIVE A 2OOTOPIA FAN COMIC BY BORBA YOU YOU REPLAGED I THINK YOU'D BETTER SAY VIXEN MELNITFEMALA ANOTHER FOXI?! FOXI? How HOW MANY THINGS HAPPENED WHILE YOH YOu WUICE AWAY NICK 20 the-mighty-birdy libertarirynn katekarl libertarirynn kingdomofkitten Born To Be Alive Page 20 by Borba I don’t really have much to say here except…Nick’s face in the first panel tho I’m gonna fucking end myself “Carrotholics” FUCKING Like how are you even supposed to pronounce that? I’m quite sure it’s a play on “Catholics“ but the way the English language works it just looks like “carrot-holics” Like carrot alcoholics This is what happens when English isn’t your first language Also not to put too much thought into this but considering the demographic of Judy’s family Ya know rural conservative presumably midwestern it doesn’t make much sense they’d be Catholic anyway Baptist or Lutheran would be more realisticAh shit I’m trying to apply logic to a Zootopia comic aren’t I Idk there are rural conservative Catholics And it would explain the shit ton of babies lmao Meme

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