BottleDrop's Shameful Decision May 31 2019 I am a veterinarian in Oregon City For the last 10 years my clients have been bringing me their refundable cans All monies I collect from those cans are placed in an account and are used to help treat sick and injured animals The entire community turns out for this and for the last few years we have been gathering close to $18000 per year The small $010 donations people make do incredible things for pets and people alike The inception of the BottleDrop in Oregon City several years ago has been both a blessing and a curse to this project It has made depositing cans much easier and faster I and my staff only spend about 1 hour a day processing cans where it used to take a volunteer 3-4 hours a day to return bottles Unfortunately the BottleDrop has a policy that only allows a person to drop off 2 bags of cans per day In the past the managers of the BottleDrop have appreciated what we are doing and have worked with me However this has now changed I was just informed by BottleDrop's Operations Manager account has been canceled and I will no longer be allowed to deposit that my bottles I explained in detail how important this project is to our was community and to its most vulnerable animals adamant that she does not care and will not lose sleep over it If you'd care to call her direct line is Steve Milner DVM So this woman stopped working with a vet to help vulnerable animals Meme

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