BOY I SURE DO LOVE BEING ON KIDS REACT WAIT WHY DOI HAVE SO MANY INSTAGRAM DMS? eggfucker1 the-mighty-birdy such-justice-wow crimsonrose21 such-justice-wow crimsonrose21 such-justice-wow do i want to know? It’s actually pretty bad spill So there’s was a video recently where the kids were reaction to Keanu Reeves One of kids said something about how he didn’t think Keanu Reeves was a legend because Keanu is young looking and legends are old people He had to make an apology on his Instagram due to the hate tje kid was receiving this is awful but better that i expected lol Stans need to be oppressed What are stans? Human cancer cells Stan is a name for hyperobsessive fanboys coined by Eminem in one of his songs Meme

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