boyduroy My dad told me a story recently about how he was in Boy Scouts or something and they went on a hike and were each given a rifle and one single bullet to practice shooting with idk it was the 70s or whatever One of his friends whom I'll refer to as Steel Balls for reasons that will soon become clear beckons my dad to a part of the woods and points to a giant hornets nest up in a tree SB announces that he's going to shoot it waits for my dad to take cover as one should in this situation and fires off his only round into the nest Sure enough a swarm of pissed off hornets descend upon SB who stands stoically and perfectly still at the base of the tree Dad maintains that despite their buzzing right around him none of the hornets stung his friend and they soon calmed down and returned to their newly renovated nest SB turns back to face my dad and imparts this chunk of wisdom That's the secret to dealing with hornets Jim They don't know humans make rifle shots they don't know where the noise came from You gotta stand still and don't move and they won't chase you If you run they know you're guilty Apparently dad was so awed he gave up his single bullet so SB could shoot the nest a second time with the same results Long story short hornets can sense guilt and there are people in the world who have tested this theory Balls of steel! Meme

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