#BREAKING Chris Brown has been arrested in France UPDATE Chris Brown has been arrested in France after a 24-year-old women claimed she was raped by the singer after the 2 met a nightclub and went back to Chris Brown’s hotel⁣ -⁣ French authorities confirmed the arrest with TMZ the singer is being detained for aggravated rape and narcotic charges Investigators have two days to decide to file preliminary charges or release Chris Brown ⁣ -⁣ The judge will either keep Chris is custody pending trial or be released with obligations like giving up his passport at the moment to ensure he doesn’t leave the country while pending trial which can take up to 12 months⁣ -⁣ Chris may have to check in to the police station every 2 weeks to make sure he hasn’t fled the country ⁣ -⁣ RapTVSTAFF @thatkidcm Meme

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