toloveviceforitself: fucktheflagandfuckyou: gunshyghosts: gaybowser: mybigfatgaylife: gogomrbrown: We really are a police state. It’s worse than that. That wasn’t a rubber bullet, that was another tear gas canister–you can see it a few seconds later in the footage when the camera pans over to the advancing cops. And they shot him in the crotch with it. If I were feeling charitable I’d say that the cop who fired the shell was aiming for center of mass and miscalculated the distance and hit the guy low. But I’m not feeling charitable. It’s clear that was a deliberate malicious attack designed to hurt the guy as badly as possible with the weapon at hand. The goal was to cause him pain and intimidate bystanders. this really is dystopic, isn’t it? Shout out to the dude who came and helped him up THIS IS WHY YOU BLACK BLOC. WHEN EVERYONE IS MASKED AND IN ALL BLOC, IT MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT FOR THE POLICE TO TARGET INDIVIDUALS LIKE THIS MASK UP, COME IN BLOC, BE PREPARED, YOU. COULD SAVE SOMEONES LIFE Also get to know your street medics and maybe buy them a drink later. They’ll often be the ones picking you up and making sure you’re good after this shit happens