Brie Larson@brielarson 14h I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense Andy York @AndyYork8 14h number It's not an assault Just politely say no and move on Brie Larson@brielarson 14h What you are saying is 1 was asking for it -a phrase that has disregarded a females experience for the whole time Replying to @brielarson You weren't asking for it when Tom Hiddleston was blatantly staring at your cleavage yet you brushed it off like it was nothing Why? Just because Tom Hiddleston is a charming handsome A list actor? 1134 AM 11 May 2018 3 Retweets 87 Likes nunyabizni siryouarebeingmocked If you’re average it’s sexual assault if you’re rich handsome and famous it’s flattering I thought this was already well established “Oh So YoU’rE sAyInG i WaS aSkInG fOr It????”Asking for what bitch? He didn’t fucking rape you He literally just asked a question Meme

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