BRILLIG BRIL ARI LLIO ar dry bar RILLIG BRILLIG dry bar RILIC helloitsbees digi-cow concretebuilding uglyuglyugly2 A bar has opened that doesn’t serve alcohol and it’s surprisingly successful Brillig Dry Bar in Ann Arbor Michigan doesn’t serve alcohol but owner Nic Sims is counting on customers not caring She hasn’t had a drink in 20 years and she wanted to create a space where people—including but not limited to recovering alcoholics—could gather to have fun and socialize without worrying about drinking In other words she wants Brillig Dry Bar to have “a bar-like convivial atmosphere with snacks and drinks and conversation without it being a bar” she told MLivecom Sims runs the bar as a pop-up out of her husband’s coffee shop Mighty Good Coffee She serves interesting non-alcoholic drinks like Brooklyn Egg Creams Pomegranate-Rosemary Sodas and Vegan Pumpkin Chillers as well as snack plates with meats cheeses and cookies Though some detractors have accused Sims of being anti-alcohol the bar’s opening night last Friday was packed According to BuzzFeed “Brillig’s first customers included former drinkers pregnant women Muslims teenagers and college kids” The next pop-up will be December 26 SourceSource This is actually really cool especially for people who can’t drink alcohol like people with liverdigestiveprocessing issues That and alcoholism is such a weirdly normal thing and it shouldnt be this is super important God I love this idea so much Meme

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