bruceedickinson I was tagged by @wrestlethedevil to do the 2012 vs 2018 challenge thank you Mantė! I was also tagged to post a selfie by @kawaiichurchburner @scarsoftheshatteredsky @misshammett @hannerisms-for-all @adreamofmirrors and @asylumsammet thank you all! First pic is from summer 2012 I’d say the biggest differences are the glasses hair and brows I was still pretty much a normie then as I spent most of that year dipping my toes into the world of metal Second pic is a barrier pic from Judas Priest Friday night and I must say I look fucking awesome For the 2012 vs 2018 challenge I tag @night-witch-of-the-butts @lafemmedemon @opeths @vvalrus-gumboot @roger-waterss @gabibakos @melancholy-moonchild @mykola3 @theweirdgirlthatlikesmetal and @my-sxe-world For a selfie I tag @valhallstruevalkyrie @haringbaby @rammstein4ever @death-is-only-everlasting @darthnihilvs @valthyra @kvlt-cvnt and @ethereal-valky Meme

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