Bully Get out my face! Me Grabs chair and stands on it NOW I'm in your face you pathetic little amoeba that can't form a thought of your own you gonna have your boyfriend defend you? Bully Fuck you four eyes! backs up Me gets down and moves chair up to him and climbs back up Really? I have wondered just how stupid you wereI haven't heard that one since elementary school how DID you make it to high school did you cheat off your idiot boyfriend's test? l knew they had low standards for AP classes since they included all the people with intellectual deficiency at this table Bully picks up garbage can and throws it at him Me garbage can hits him with so little force it slides right down his body completely unfazed Seriously you REALLY are just a big baby huh? Fine let's settle this like savages but I should warn you I'll win gets tackled by security since they know him well 4 Comments Apparently real life fights read a lot like fanfiction Meme

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